kontaktING – Your First Step into Engineering Studies

Have you started or completed a secondary-school or academic degree course abroad and are looking for a new start in Germany?

Are you working and want to further your qualifications, or reenter the workforce after a family leave?

Are you looking for an orientation in the wide range of engineering studies on offer before deciding on a specific course of study?

kontaktING offers you an uncomplicated entry into engineering studies with intensive individual support. There are no tuition fees.

You complete the basic subjects of a technical engineering program at your own pace and according to your personal schedule. If you then enroll in a regular engineering degree program, it will be shortened as your completed credits from the kontaktING program will be recognized. Any ‘problem subjects’ can be tackled successfully in advance and without much stress, and in the following regular Bachelor’s study you can concentrate more on subject-specific contents.

With kontaktING you keep up with the current state of science and research and increase your career opportunities!


This measure is funded by the State of Baden Württemberg and the European Social Fund until the end of the year 2020.




                             Gefördert vom Ministerium für

          Soziales und Integration Baden-Württemberg aus Mitteln des

    Europäischen Sozialfonds sowie vom Ministerium für Wissenschaft,

                   Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg